Commercial Ground Straps in Houston

Commercial Ground Straps Houston

Commercial Ground Straps Houston

The purpose of Grounding Straps is to protect individuals and equipment from electrical shock by providing a safe path to grounding a live current. Ground straps are great for preventing any electrical damage which sometimes occurs in a short circuit or surge. You can find ground straps on machines, cars and even shoes.

If you’re in need of new Ground Straps you’ll want to contact the professionals at ABL Electrical Supplies. We carry a wide range of cables and wires. Call us at 704.784.4225 or by filling out the form on this page and someone will be in touch.

Symptoms of a Bad Ground

There are different ways to tell if you have bad ground but mostly commonly is when your car will not start. This is definitely an obvious sign of a bad ground. Ground Straps will be able to help solve this problem. Another, not so obvious, symptom includes flickering of lights. Your headlights could flicker to signal a bad ground. If there are frayed or damaged cables, you may see the flickering lights more often.

There are times when your battery could be dead too. If your battery refuses to take a charge, you’ll want to look into Ground Straps. The ground is a big part of the battery’s charging system and if it’s bad, the proper voltage may not be getting to the battery.

Test the Ground

There are tests that you can run to determine if you have bad ground or not. Running a continuity test between the battery and framework is a good start. It’s important to disconnect the negative battery cable first.

The good thing is, you don’t have to do this alone. Contact ABL Electronic Supplies about the cables, Ground Straps and wiring that you may need. Pick up the phone today and call us at 704.784.4225 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll quickly call you back.

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