ABL Electronic Supplies, Inc. is a leading source of quality custom electrical cable products and other related supplies for diverse industrial applications. We provide superior results regardless of the project’s complexity and quantity. Our custom capabilities guarantee high-performance custom electrical cable products, ground straps, and braided wire solutions that will ensure the safety and success of your project.

Premier Custom Services from ABL Electronic Supplies

As innovators in the electrical industry, we support our clients by addressing the issues they face in their numerous projects. We understand no “one size fits all” solution exists, especially in high-precision industries such as aerospace, defense, and medical equipment. That’s why we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled team to provide exclusive custom services for our clients.

Below are our main capabilities that will support your critical projects:

Custom Ground Straps

Ground straps are imperative in every electrical project to ensure safety and prevent damage. Their primary role is to protect users from electrostatic discharge (ESD) emitted by electrical devices. It creates a low-resistance path for electrical currents and establishes a reliable ground reference. With custom ground straps, projects are more personalized and can be tailored to meet specific requirements.

Benefits of custom ground straps:

  • Handle higher voltage and current levels
  • Ability to withstand harsh environments
  • Increased flexibility and reliability
  • Improve function for vibrating or moving applications

Custom Braided Wire Solutions

Braided wires are made with a thin bundle of wires, compressed and covered in an insulating material. These popular cable shieldings wrap a cable for extra protection by safeguarding it against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and increasing its flex life and mechanical strength. These desirable features of a braided wire improve the cable’s function and reliability. In most projects where cables are predominantly used, a custom braided wire will ensure its protection and longevity without compromising performance.

Benefits of custom braided wire solutions:

  • Customization to fit definite cable dimensions
  • Enhanced EMI protection for sensitive equipment
  • Improved durability and lifespan of cables
  • Increased flexibility and reliability for various applications

Custom Electrical Cable Products

At ABL Electronic Supplies, we produce high-performance custom electrical cable products, such as multi-conductors and power cables. These are made to meet our clients’ exact specifications, ensuring seamless integration into their projects. Our experts work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide efficient solutions that guarantee success.

Benefits of custom electrical cable products:

  • Fabricated to specific project requirements
  • Increased compatibility with project components
  • Enhanced reliability for critical applications
  • Reduced risk of premature malfunction or failure due to incorrect cable specifications

Trust ABL Electronic Supplies for Your Custom Electrical Needs

With exceptional manufacturing processes that follow our stringent quality system, we ensure the highest precision and consistency in all our custom electrical products. Our focus on data-driven evidence and industry expertise allows us to deliver trustworthy and reliable solutions for your critical projects. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and services. You may also request a quote, and we’ll find a solution based on your project’s needs!