ABL Electronic Supplies serves a wide range of industries, providing high-performance wire and cable services customized to our client’s specifications. Depending on the industry’s standards and regulations, we can produce ground straps and other wire-related products to support their electrical projects.

As industry leaders in electronic supplies, we have years of experience delivering superior quality products designed and developed with safety and efficiency in mind. Our goal is to help our clients succeed in their operations, and our customized ground straps can lessen any risk when working with electricity.

Industries Who Chose Us

We have worked with leading companies in diverse industries, supplying them with dependable, durable electronic supplies and services. Our products can streamline processes, increasing safety, productivity, and profits.

Below are the primary industries we work with:


Automotive is one of the most valuable industries in the world, with millions of people using vehicles every day for convenience and transportation. At ABL Electronic Supplies, we understand the importance of dependable and secure automobile wiring. Our customizable automotive ground straps are designed to meet any requirements and prerequisites to ensure smooth operation.

Automotive ground straps are utilized in various vehicle applications, but the primary purpose is to ground the vehicle’s electrical system, eliminating any potential hazards by providing a low-resistance path for electrical currents and establishing a dedicated ground reference for the vehicle’s electrical system.

Benefits of our automotive ground strap solutions include:

  • Keep passengers safe from electrical shocks
  • Protect the vehicle’s components from damage if there’s a power surge or short circuit
  • Prevent interference with other electrical equipment in the vehicle
  • Increase the lifespan and dependability of electronic systems


The medical industry is another segment where ground straps are paramount. With the growing need for electronic equipment and devices in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals and private clinics, medical ground straps have become fundamental to assuring compliance with international and domestic regulations. It’s part of the security measures developed to protect healthcare professionals and patients from electrical discharges caused by sophisticated medical devices.

According to industrial regulations, there are two grounding classes: protective (PE) and functional (FE). PE must only be performed for electrical safety purposes in medical facilities. Meanwhile, FE is operated only for the electrical installation itself. Ground straps are vital in these applications, ensuring medical equipment functions accurately and safely.

Benefits of our medical ground straps include:

  • Reduce the risk of electrical shock to patients and medical staff
  • Protect sensitive medical equipment from power surges or high-voltage currents
  • Ensure compliance with international and domestic industry regulations and standards
  • Improve the accuracy of medical devices for proper diagnosis and treatment


The aerospace industry utilizes ground straps to enhance safety and performance in its countless aerospace applications. Like our automotive ground strap solutions, the main purpose is dissipating static electricity that can build up on the aircraft during flight. In addition, it provides a designated path for excess electrical current to flow into the ground.

At ABL Electronic Supplies, we can design a specialized aerospace ground strap that meets the industry’s stringent regulations. Regardless of your project’s complexity or size, we can produce top-quality electronic supplies to enhance your bottom line.

Benefits of our aerospace ground strap solutions include:

  • Prevent electrical currents from damaging aircraft components
  • Facilitate the security of passengers and crew members
  • Reduce maintenance costs by improving the performance of aircraft equipment 

Military and Defense

The military and defense industry relies heavily on electronic systems and equipment for communication, surveillance, and other operations. In these high-risk environments, it’s important to have quality ground straps that can withstand extreme conditions and provide uninterrupted performance.

Our military and defense ground straps are designed with resilience and precision. They undergo rigorous testing to meet the industry’s rigid requirements and standards. With our ground straps, we can support critical missions and operations without causing downtime.

Benefits of our military and defense ground strap solutions include:

  • Protect expensive and sophisticated military equipment from electrical surges
  • Provide continuous and uninterrupted performance in high-risk environments
  • Meet the high standards of the military and defense industry


One of the growing industries today is robotics. These intelligent systems perform various tasks using electronic components, sensors, and actuators. Ground straps are a critical component in robotics as they provide a stable connection for signals and power supplies, ensuring the accuracy and precision of the robot’s movements.

Electrical safety is essential in robot manufacturing to mitigate the risk of electrical shock, fire hazards, and equipment damage. Since robots are made with complex electrical systems, a reliable grounding infrastructure with ground straps and other electronic supplies is necessary to establish safe operations.

Benefits of our ground strap solutions for robotics include:

  • Increase the accuracy and precision of robotic movements
  • Protect against electrical hazards for human operators and maintenance personnel
  • Safeguard robot components from damage caused by electrical


The growing demand for computer network installations is one of the main reasons why bonding and grounding are imperative. Here, telecommunications networks and equipment must be grounded to an electrical service. However, electrical equipment used in this industry is highly sensitive. It requires high-voltage ground straps to conduct the voltages imposed by lightning, line surges, or unintentional contact with high-voltage lines or equipment to the ground.

At ABL Electronic Supplies, we offer ground straps specifically for intensive and demanding telecommunications applications. Our products are made with highly conductive materials that can effectively and efficiently redirect current while being exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Benefits of our ground strap solutions for telecommunications include:

  • Better network stability and performance 
  • Reduce the risk of power surges or lightning strikes affecting communication systems
  • Protect equipment and personnel from electrical hazards

Fulfill Your Electrical Needs with Effective Ground Straps

Electrical hazards are a serious concern in various industries, and ground straps are essential in addressing these risks. At ABL Electronic Supplies, we understand the importance of premium electrical supplies for the project’s success. From medical ground straps to heavy-duty straps used in telecommunications, we have the solution to meet your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and our complete line of products. You may also request a quote; our team will develop a solution tailored to your unique needs!