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Here is some information regarding grounding wires:

Grounding Wire and How It Works

A grounding wire is a safety wire that is intentionally connected to the ground, as its name suggests. Grounding wires are a smart and easy way to make your electrical system a lot safer. When there is an excess of electricity, it can be dangerous to anyone nearby. The best option is to have a grounding wire so the excess electricity doesn’t cause harm. An electrical circuit has both positive and negative electricity. The connection between the two is what gives an appliance or any electronic device the power to run. If something goes wrong, the energy builds up and could cause an outage.

If your power goes out, it’s likely a circuit breaker or fuse that has blown. It is an electrical malfunction that makes this happen. When the circuit breaker shuts off, it’s because of a short circuit. With the help of a grounding wire, you can avoid excess electricity that results in outages. It’s always important to check the ground wire to make sure it is properly connected, to avoid complications and risks (such as electrical shocks).

Types of Grounding Wire

Copper grounding wire is commonly used in electrical applications, particularly because of its conductivity and durability. There are many different types of copper wires that are used, depending on the application requirements. The most common types of grounding wires include bare copper and gauged copper wire. Ground wires are required by the National Electrical Code to be white or grey.

Green 6 THHN is a specific type of copper wire that is used for outdoor grounding. The green color represents an outdoor wire and it is insulated, so there is no concern for moisture getting into and through the wire. Gauged cooper ground wires vary in size. The larger the gauge number, the smaller the wire is.

About Grounding Wire Sizes

Grounding wire size does not impact functionality or flow. Ground wires are for safety and therefore not for normal current flow. The current flow is designed to go from the hot to neutral. If there is a fault, the ground will provide a path that is sufficient to blow the fuse or trip the circuit breaker. Overall, you can save money by using a smaller wire.

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