ABL Electronic Supplies, Inc. provides customers with top-quality wire, cable, and other related products with efficient delivery and at some of the most competitive prices on the market. In addition, we provide a selection of services to meet our customers’ needs, including cut and strip services.

What Is Cut and Strip?

Before installation, wires and cables must be prepared for use. This process involves unspooling and cutting the wire from the reel and stripping back a portion of the insulation. Cut and stripped wire consists of finished wire that’s properly packaged and prepared for assembly, along with wire that’s partially stripped and ready for installation.

By cutting and stripping wire products, companies can save more money on excess wire materials and simplify the manufacturing process.

Types of Wire Cutting and Stripping/Capabilities

At ABL Electronic Supplies, Inc., we offer precision cutting and stripping services using some of the most reliable equipment for cutting and stripping wires. Through these services, we provide customers with high-quality stripped wire or stripped cable products that make manufacturing processes more cost-effective and efficient. We’ll cut wires to a designated length and remove insulation to our customers’ specifications.

Depending on our customers’ needs, we provide the following cutting and stripping services:

  • Full or partial strip left and right
  • Cut to length
  • Multi-layer with shield processing
  • Multi-conductor cable jacket stripping
  • Jacket and inner conductor stripping

And including but not limited to projects utilizing the following types of wire:

  • UL 1007/1569
  • Medium Wall
  • UL 1015/1230
  • Heavy Wall
  • Awg Sizes: 14 awg-22 awg
  • Tinned Copper, PVC Insulation, Strip Options: 1/8”- 3/4″
  • Cut & Strip Projects for electronic circuits and internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment
  • Resistant to:
    • Oils
    • Acids
    • Alkalis
    • Flame
    • Moisture
    • Fungus


Cut and strip services offer many benefits for businesses, depending on the requirements of their application. These advantages include the following:

Complete Separation

Wire stripping equipment strips insulation from the wire’s metal core, unlike other machinery that crushes the wiring together and separates them later. This process helps make sure a plastic cover isn’t present on the wire. The removal of plastic helps improve the metal grade’s recycling rate and usability. However, the wire must be straight and devoid of knots to undergo stripping.

Environmental Protection

The cutting and stripping process is also more environmentally friendly compared to other processes. This is because the stripping machinery doesn’t require the use of any chemicals or water throughout the stripping process to apply mechanical force. Additionally, the equipment doesn’t produce any dust. As a result, this process doesn’t consume large amounts of resources and doesn’t generate any pollution.

Easy Operation and Reduced Labor

Generally, cut and strip equipment only requires a single operator to run it, which reduces labor costs. Cutting and stripping machinery has a simple structure, making it easy to use and incorporate into manufacturing processes.

Cut and Strip Services from ABL Electronic Supplies, Inc.

Based on your individual needs, the experts at ABL Electronic Supplies, Inc. will provide cut and strip services to your specifications. We use reliable cut and strip systems to complete this process and provide you with top-quality end products with each service. Regardless of what you require, we’ll work to provide you with everything you need at affordable prices.

In addition to cut and strip services, we offer cut and coil, cut pieces, dyeing, respooling, striping, tinning, and twisting services to meet your wire product needs. We also carry a selection of products, including a range of braids, cables, cable ties, tubing, cords, and more.

If you would like to find out more about our cut and strip capabilities or other services or products we offer, contact us today to submit a message or quote request.

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