At ABL Electronics, we design and develop robotic wire and cabling solutions and ground straps for complex commercial and industrial systems. For over 45 years, our team of engineering and production specialists offer production services, including cutting, re-spooling, tinning, twisting, and more. Our services are available as custom solutions for a wide variety of electronic systems, including robotics. Today’s robotic systems require robust, high-performance electrical wires and cables for reliable performance in adverse and busy conditions. Learn more about our production capabilities, services, and experience in the robotics industry.


When you’re completing a robotics project for any industry, having the correct wiring and cable resources is essential. Some of the key factors that determine which wiring products are the right fit for your project include:

  • The number of cycles the system requires
  • The degree and type of movement the wire or cabling will need to complete
  • Electrical factors such as the voltage requirements
  • Wiring protections such as EMI shielding, materials with appropriate flammability characteristics, and more
  • The environmental factors of the space the robotics system or wiring will perform in, including its temperature, likelihood of abrasion, humidity, and presence of fluids

Identifying these factors can ensure your wiring and cable products have the right protective and performance characteristics for the job.

Electronics Capabilities for the Robotics and Military/Defense Industry

At ABL Electronics, we serve clients across multiple different industries with wire processing and production services as part of our custom solutions offering. Two of our markets are robotics and the military/defense industry.

Our wiring and cable products include:

  • High Flex Cable: This cable offers a greater degree of flexibility for continuous and repeated flexing cycles. High flex cables are built for vigorous, high-performance conditions.
  • Continuous Flex Cable: Continuous flex cabling solutions can flex and bend continuously as part of robotics, gantries, and other continually moving systems. These cables can roll, flex, and bend in fixed or variable patterns throughout long lifespans of multiple-use cycles.
  • Control and Instrumentation Cable: These specialized cables are built to monitor or control electronic robotics and systems that use low-power but complex signals.
  • Wire Harness: Wire harnesses are configurations that organize and manage multiple different wires within one specific bundle. They can be customized to fit the performance needs and space requirements of different electronics systems for easier configuration, maintenance, and routing.
  • Cable Assembly: Similar to wire harness configurations, robotic cable assemblies organize and protect groups of wires and cables in harsher environments. Its heavy-duty shielding material makes cable assemblies ideal for extreme applications.

Military and Defense Applications

Military and defense operations increasingly incorporate unmanned vehicles for handling dangerous or remote tasks without direct human operation. ABL Electronics’ product team provides wiring solutions for increased unmanned vehicles usage for military and defense applications.

Miniature Wires

Miniature wiring solutions are used in military robotics to manufacture devices that can withstand the extreme circumstances encountered in military environments. Small but robust and flexible wiring products for robotics allow for more innovation, unique applications, and the development of advanced tools.


Our team specializes in robotics, and our wiring and cabling solutions are built for these applications:

  • Branch wires and connectors
  • Control panel feeds and connectors
  • Dress packs
  • Electrical raceways
  • Feeder wires and connectors
  • Flexible raceways
  • Fiber optic and cable conduits
  • Switchbox wires and connectors
  • Work cells

High-Quality Electronics from ABL Electronics Power the Robotics Industry

Choose ABL Electronics for completely customized robotic cable and wiring solutions for your robotics project. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and process or to request a quote and start your order.

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